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Individual / Group Therapy

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Shamanic Rituals

Ceremonies from Thokoza and Itzachilatlan traditions.
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Available in South Africa,Mexico and Brazil


Gui Tantan ≈ Guilherme Barcellos Carlos de Souza

Psychotherapist and Teacher

Gui Tantan has trained in Brazilian Shamanism, Spiritual Psychology, Mexican Shamanism, African Shamanism, Family and Business Systemic Constellations, Satir Model, Hypnosis, Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and is currently going through another masters program in Medicinal Cannabis.

My Expertise

Shamanic Family Constellation

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Shamanism naturally interweaves my practice of Systemic Constellations by B. Hellinger. The movements of the soul accept and benefit from wonderful allies such as rituals, journeys, music and nature.

Teacher Plants

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Special funghi and plants can teach ourselves about ourselves better than anything or anyone else. They open the doors of perception and help us feel/see/smell/hear how precious all life is, how important and loveable we are – the way we are right now, and how we can contribute to our and everyone’s Wellbeing, Freedom and Joy.

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

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Being familiar with psychedelics through a long shamanic path and having trained in Spiritual Psychology and Systemic Constellations add up to my tool bag while I accompany people into healing and self-discovery.

Bhula ≈ Reading of Bones

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Ancient sangoma practice. Umkhulu Gogo Sebastião clarifies your ancestors views about all aspects of your life. Wonderful tool specially if you are not sure on what to constellate.


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Someone I didn’t know, while under effects of Ayahuasca, looked into my eyes and told me: Teach! I smiled and answered: You know! I have been a teacher for 10 years now and love it! That happened in 1996 and I still love to be a part of someone’s path to freedom, joy and respect for all our relations.


Amplify Consciousness of the Human Race

Our Mission is to Amplify Consciousness of the Human Race and better Weave the Web of Life with more love, lightness and freedom! Transformation is a fact! Come on to a very profound journey.

Documentary on a private session of Shamanic Family Constellation, background and explanation.

"Gui, always with an impartial, spiritual and understanding point of view in situations! Therapists need to be aligned and balanced and this one is!!!"

Márcia Adriana – São Paulo

"Excellent professional, therapist and human being, committed to internal work, I really recommend him as a professional! He lives what he teaches, and polishes himself for years and years, it makes all the difference!"

"Gui is a terrific therapist. In just one appointment I had the opportunity to unlock traumas that had been dormant for decades. I highly recommend him."

Hari Napio – Curitiba

"My most sincere thanks to Guilherme and this healing opportunity. Guilherme’s company during the process is a warm familiar and safe referential point. I hope everyone can have this chance for connecting with this peace and Love within."

Angel – Mexico City

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